Immediate Overnight Hospital Private Care and Support in Dhaka

In-Hospital Private Care Support as much as we would like our loved ones to be cared for in the privacy and security of their own homes, they may need attention requiring the services of a nursing home, retirement residence, rehabilitation or long-term care facility. This alternative care may become necessary if an ongoing health issue requires a greater level of care, such as:

  • Post surgery
  • Post par-tum care for mother and newbor
  • Parkinson’s
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Stroke


Assisting with feeding, meal set up

Providing comfort and safe environment

Reporting any noticeable changes in client’s health condition to designated professional care giver

Updating family member/s of client’s health care status/activities as necessary in accordance to health facility’s policies & standards and within PSW’s scope of practice

PSWDhaka’s private duty care services give the individualised attention needed for enhanced quality of life. By providing creating an environment that gives individuals peace of mind, our staff makes long-term care easy for them and their loved ones.

No matter the health issue that your loved one is facing, PSWDhaka can provide the extra care and support needed.

Our private in-hospital care can be tailored to meet a variety of needs. We can provide support for a few hours a day, as well as accommodate a 24-hour program for care and can be called up on short notice. This can help relieve some of the demands being placed on family members who must attend to their own responsibilities.

Private in-hospital care can provide a direct line to hospital staff if any changes in the person’s condition occur. By monitoring your loved ones over time, the appropriate hospital staff members can be notified quickly to ensure proper response. In addition, our staff can provide an end of shift report summarising the events of the day or night. This will ensure that each family knows exactly how their loved ones day or night went.

Part of the care we provide emphasise the need for independence and respect of people we work with. We are committed to ensuring that they retain self-esteem and the sense that of compassion in our work.

Professionalism and integrity are vital to high quality care services. Our caregivers have a positive and patient approach to their daily interactions. Above all, family members can rely on the staff to care for the needs of their loved ones.

Providing private duty in-hospital care for our clients is a valuable service that we are proud to offer. By collaborating with family, friends, and other healthcare team members, we ensure that people receive the quality care they need.

Providing personal care or support with bathing, grooming & other hygiene care

Assisting with re-positioning, transfer from bed to chair, going to the bathroom, usage of walking aid.